Based on the adjustment of the General Plan for construction of Van Don Economic Zone to 2040 approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 226/QD-TTg dated February 17, 2020, Van Don district is actively coordinating with the Van Don Economic Zone Management Board and relevant departments and branches to formulate plannings, ready to build Van Don to become a provincial city by 2025.

The Standing Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, Mr. Cao Tuong Huy inspects the process of studying and adjusting the zoning plan at the rate of 1/2,000 in Minh Chau – Quan Lan island area, September 5, 2020.

Accelerating the construction of plannings According to the development orientation to 2040 approved by the Prime Minister, Van Don will be a multi-sector, multi-field economic zone, a center of entertainment industry with casino, sea tourism – high-end island, general services; is the gateway for international trade, creating unique, different and modern products with high quality, brand name and international competitiveness; green, modern, smart and sustainable coastal city. Determining that importance, Van Don district has actively coordinated with the Management Board of Van Don economic zone, consulting units and relevant departments and agencies to review, adjust, supplement and set up detailed planning, main functional zoning planning of Van Don economic zone. In particular, closely coordinating with the Management Board of Van Don economic zone, the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning (consulting unit) to review, prepare and adjust the zoning planning at the scale of 1/2000. Cai Rong, Airport Area and North Cai Bau Area. These are 3 important subdivisions in Van Don economic zone, fully integrating potentials and advantages to attract investors, challenges that need to be solved. The area of research and planning of the North Cai Bau area is about 5,160ha; the area for study and planning of zoning the Airport Area is about 5,166ha (excluding the airport and the planned expansion area of Van Don International Airport); area for research and planning of Cai Rong area is about 2,810ha.

Perspective of the planning of Ocean Park urban area of Quan Minh Co., Ltd. in Ha Long commune

Mr. Truong Manh Hung, Chairman of the District People’s Committee, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Van Don Economic Zone, said: Immediately after the province announced the adjustment of the general planning on construction of Van Don economic zone, the locality quickly took action. , coordinate with related units to develop and adjust the planning of subdivisions. On July 11, 2020, the Management Board of Van Don economic zone reported to the Provincial People’s Committee for comments on the adjustment of the planning of 3 subdivisions. Currently, these subdivisions are being reviewed, supplemented and completed in the spirit of receiving the direction of the Provincial People’s Committee and reporting to the Provincial People’s Committee as soon as possible to serve as a basis for implementing projects. investor’s project. In particular, each subdivision has a separate function and task to ensure harmonious and sustainable development, avoiding the overlap between subdivisions. If in the North Cai Bau Area subdivision, the main function is high-class sea tourism services, seaport services, high-tech manufacturing, then in the Airport Area subdivision, it is a complex traffic hub. associated with international airports, free trade centers, logistics services, support, logistics.


Along with the above tasks, in order to meet the criteria for developing Van Don to become a city directly under the province by 2025, on August 25, 2020, the People’s Committee of Van Don district reported to the Provincial People’s Committee and the Management Board of the economic zone. Van Don Economic Zone approved the study site Detailed construction planning scale 1/500 Van Don economic zone administrative center in Khe Ngai village, Doan Ket commune with a research area of about 42ha. It is known that this is a large area, close to important and arterial traffic routes and Van Don International Airport, convenient for businesses and people to transact, handle administrative procedures and direct. , run by the party committee, local government instead of the current narrow place. Strict control of planning and construction On the basis of plans approved by competent authorities, Van Don district actively cooperates with relevant departments, branches and investors to publicize the planning, planting and handing over boundary markers in the field. Up to now, Van Don district has coordinated to publicly adjust the general planning on construction of Van Don economic zone; Planning of functional zoning 1/2000 Cai Rong urban area; adjusting the planning of functional zoning 1/2000 of Ngoc Vung island area; Detailed construction planning of 1/500 scale White Pearl eco-tourism area…

The plannings are made public for the people to know and supervise. (In the photo: Detailed planning of 1/500 scale of clean water factory area serving people and tourists in Minh Chau commune – Quan Lan)

In response to the requirements and new development tasks, Van Don district has regularly directed functional departments and authorities of communes and townships to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the implementation of plannings and the process of building construction projects. projects, works, especially for civil construction works. Since the beginning of the year, the District People’s Committee has appraised and granted construction permits for 179 construction works, with a total area of over 30,000m2. These works are strictly inspected by the Urban and Environmental Inspection Team, the People’s Committees of the communes and townships according to the construction permits, from the construction boundaries, the foundation cost, the height of the floors, the number of floors, the approximate distance. The way out of the balcony to the color works. During the inspection, the Urban and Environmental Inspection Team and the People’s Committees of the communes guided, reminded and sanctioned many violating constructions. From the beginning of the year until now, it has made records and handled 9 illegal construction works, with a total fine of 240 million VND. Mr. Nguyen Duc Minh, Vice Chairman of Van Don District People’s Committee, said: Overcoming the shortcomings and inadequacies in planning and construction management in the area, in the coming time, Van Don district will continue to direct the specialized department. , Party committees and administrations of communes and townships of the district have strengthened propaganda and awareness raising for the community about construction work; regularly inspect and supervise all construction activities in the area, resolutely handle violations. At the same time, it is proposed that the Department of Construction organize training courses, foster knowledge and improve professional qualifications in the field of construction management for the district’s cadres, civil servants and public employees, especially technical staff. management of urban construction order.