About us

Quan Minh Co., Ltd was established under Business Registration Certificate No. 5700533186 issued for the first time on January 26th, 2005 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Quang Ninh province, with the main fields of investment including: Construction, production of building materials, aquaculture, forestry, logging and processing, and urban construction investment.

The company has assembled a team of highly skilled engineers and craftsmen in various fields of expertise. The organizational structure of the company is scientifically and compactly arranged according to specialties, with a team of nearly 100 high-level staff, including engineers, architects, economics graduates, and skilled technicians in various fields such as construction, roads and bridges, waterway ports, civil and industrial infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, technical infrastructure, geological and terrain surveys, mineral processing.

In addition to the experienced staff who have worked in the industry for many years and have successfully led many large and complex projects, there are also many young engineers and architects who are enthusiastic and promising, with sufficient capacity to undertake their responsibilities.


In particular, we place great importance on training and regular development of our human resources. As of now, our team consists of highly skilled technical engineers in construction of bridges and roads, architects, and technical workers, who are devoted to their work and uphold professional ethics.

Together with the dynamic creativity and efforts of all members, the collective of employees and staff of the company, and the support of state management levels, partners, and customers, we have the strength to constantly strive for success.

With the principle of building trust through quality for owners, partners, and customers, we always endeavor to meet the needs of our owners, customers, and gain the trust of society.