As part of a series of programs and events to celebrate the 15th Provincial Party Congress, the Provincial Socio-economic Achievement Exhibition was held from September 25-28 at the Planning Palace, Fairs and Exhibitions. Quang Ninh province (Tran Quoc Nghien street, Hong Hai ward, Ha Long city).

The Exhibition of Socio-economic Achievements of Quang Ninh Province to welcome the 15th Provincial Party Congress is an overview and complete picture of the province’s socio-economic achievements through the development stages.

Thereby, contributing to spreading propaganda to all classes of people about the change of Quang Ninh province, creating new motivation for the successful implementation of socio-economic development tasks in the new term.

Leaders of Quang Ninh province and delegates cut the ribbon to open the exhibition

Attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Ngo Hoang Ngan, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; leaders of the People’s Committee, People’s Council of Quang Ninh province, provincial departments and unions, together with 350 delegates to the 15th Provincial Party Congress, a large number of Ha Long city people and tourists.

The exhibition has the participation of 13 localities, 38 departments, branches, unions, 6 representatives of economic groups in the province along with 80 booths to display and introduce OCOP Quang Ninh products, in order to introducing and promoting the image of Quang Ninh innovating, developing and integrating; affirming the position, stature and role of Quang Ninh province with the region and the whole country.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, Director of the Department of Construction visited the exhibition area of Quan Minh Co., Ltd

In recent years, positive contributions to the breakthrough development of Quang Ninh province cannot fail to recognize the bold imprint of private economic groups. In which, prominent is Quan Minh Co., Ltd. with a series of real estate projects, aquaculture, dredging of canals, planting and protection of forests, … have contributed to environmental protection, promoting the growth. strong economic and social growth in Quang Ninh.

Quan Minh Co., Ltd.’s projects deployed in the province are all heavily invested in capital, construction quality and sustainable development plans.

Ocean Park Urban Residential Project in Van Don, investor Quan Minh Co., Ltd

Participating in this exhibition, Quan Minh Co., Ltd. displayed 10 samples of sand from the sea: Concrete sand, leveling sand, aquaculture porous sand, technical sand, beach sand, golf course sand, glass sand natural and processed,…  These are also products that have been constructed in many real estate, resort, and aquaculture projects and projects in Quang Ninh province.

Compared with river sand, sea sand has superior natural properties, such as better shape retention in wet/wet state (even grain, many angles, good solidity); environmentally cleaner; dry faster; does not contain organisms harmful to human health. Since then, sea sand has the following remarkable technical and usage characteristics:

  • Thanks to the quick drying, the “saltiness” of sea sand is easy to handle at a very low cost (just let it dry).
  • Thanks to its angular shape and rough surface, sea sand provides the adhesion and bonding with the cement solution required for concrete. Sea sand is more commonly used to produce lean concrete (which requires less strength).
  • Sea sand is “clean” (does not contain organic impurities and clay minerals, which are harmful substances in use), clay content is 0%, the filter coefficient of sea sand is very high… Thanks to its technical characteristics In this technique, sea sand is increasingly used as a filler to produce many dry and liquid compounds used in construction; production of concrete and reinforced concrete materials; making “shirts” for the (faces) of roads; building dams, dams; foundation…
  • Sea sand has high purity, both ensuring the quality of the masonry/plastering mixture and does not adversely affect the color of the building.
  • Decorating interior and exterior spaces: People use white sand to create gardens and beautiful miniatures, bringing the breath of nature closer to life. In addition, sea sand for golf courses is very popular. With rich colors, sea sand is used in the design of garden items, walkways, …
  • Glass making: People use white sand to blow up glass balls that are practical in human life such as light bulbs, other glass items, etc. This is a potential industry, creating stable income for the people.

Besides, in fact, the use of sea sand for concrete production allows to reduce the proportion of cement while still achieving the same quality of concrete. Quan Minh sand meets the criteria: beautiful sand color (white, yellow) and has been tested by the Institute of Building Materials as a test project to ensure the quality of reinforced concrete sand works. In road construction, the use of sea sand as a substrate allows to significantly reduce binders and improve the quality of the asphalt mixture. Sea sand can be used to reduce costs and increase quality in the production of bricks and pavement bricks. In addition, sea sand is still often used to clean (clean) metal surfaces or structures.

In summary, technically, sea sand has many advantages to completely replace sand extracted from rivers or from open pit mines. Economically, sea sand is cheaper than open pit sand and is gradually becoming more competitive than river sand.

In the conditions of Vietnam, when river sand needs to be restricted from exploitation for construction sand, sea sand and secondary mine sand are suitable alternatives, in the direction of:

  • Take advantage of sea sand obtained in the process of dredging the seabed, bring it ashore to desalinate with rainwater (fresh water) and let it dry naturally. After a while, just sieve and sort to the required particle size.
  • Take advantage of the huge amount of sand discharged from the titanium mining/processing process (after removing the clay component in the sand thanks to the recovery process of ilmenite in the red and white sand layers in the coastal placer titanium mines) ).

Through the exhibition, Quan Minh hopes to put these sand products into the implementation of works in Quang Ninh province in particular and across the country in general for suitable works, especially traffic works. , creating lakes, golf courses, beaches, aquaculture,… to protect the environment, especially in coastal areas.

At the same time, Quan Minh Co., Ltd. is also actively seeking opportunities for commercial cooperation with economic groups and large investors at this meaningful event.