“Van Don- hidden beauty”

If Ha Long is too “hot” name when it comes to Quang Ninh tourism, Van Don Island is not inferior, thanks to its majestic scenery, poetic beaches and many magical pristine caves. Try searching on Google, you will understand how attractive this place is in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. Van Don island complex embraces Bai Tu Long Bay, not as noisy and bustling as Ha Long Bay but possesses peaceful, tranquil beauty, enchanting pristine natural scenery. In Van Don, there is both a fondling sea breeze, fresh blue water, a splendid sky, beaches with smooth and clean white sand, and mountains and a strip blended together, creating a vivid ecological picture of “charming island” that is difficult to get anywhere.

Van Don is like a gemstone that is being honed to shine that hidden sparkle, but besides the potential of tourism, seafood, mineral resources … being exploited, the water transport system, life, economic and social activities associated with the sea still have obstacles because of dependence from weather conditions, hydrological factors…

“Face the waves of the sea”

Van Don is an island district, can only use boats, so the movement and trade with the mainland still face many difficulties and limitations. Each storm is more inconvenient because boats in and out of the island often have to be postponed. Those who have ever witnessed the ocean winds “screaming”, bringing rain like slapping in the face, knocking down trees and houses on the island to ruin can fully understand the fury of nature. On the mainland, in the midst of that vast sea, the ships were like a lost little leaf, struggling helplessly to let themselves go by fate. Every time there is a wind gust of level 6 or level 7, all activities at sea are absolutely suspended, ships must follow each other to find shelter to ensure safety, but it is also difficult to find anchorage and shelter from storms. When there is no typhoon, many passenger ships without anchorage have to park in Cai Rong port area, although it is known that this will affect the circulation of vehicles in and out of the port waters.

Besides, the main industry of the islanders is fishing, there are many fishing vessels in and out selling seafood or receiving raw materials for reaching the sea. However, the capacity of the port in Van Don is not enough to meet, so the overload here occurs frequently. For fishermen, the ship is a fishing rod, all property, so if damaged, it will have to spend a lot of money to repair. Moreover, fishing vessels from places pouring into this port are very crowded, while a separate port area has not been planned for anchoring. Passenger ships and craft vessels kept parked rampantly, causing mayhem at the harbor, affecting the flow in and out of vehicles. The system of maritime channels, people’s flows, water areas in front of the harbor … is scarce, very difficult in the circulation of water vehicles, great restrictions when ships need to avoid storms, thunderstorms …

“Promote internal strength, overcome challenges”

Based on the actual situation, Quan Minh Co., Ltd. has developed the project and is completing the legal procedures for the project of the anchorage area combined with transshipment and storm shelter in the Tien Yen River national mobile phone stream area approved by the Ministry of Transport. Located in Tien Yen district (Chuong Ca beach area) with a total area of nearly 70ha, a total investment of VND 532,000 million, about 45km from the office, the project will provide anchorage, especially in the rainy and typhoon season, convenient for ships to enter, ensure safety, complete on schedule and support the marine economic development of the island district.

As part of the synchronous development investment strategy, the enterprise has applied for a survey and research to build Tien Lang 1 Industrial Cluster, in Tien Lang commune, Tien Yen district, Quang Ninh province to create jobs for people, improve the economy of Van Don, Tien Yen to Mong Cai areas… is also a great goal of the Company. Invest in dredging projects in the form of socialization without using the state budget of the Tien Yen-Ba Che river channel to connect trade with Nam Son port; Project of Building Materials Processing Plant, gathering sand and stone and gravel products to serve the huge demand of projects that are starting construction…

With the development of the current economy, Quan Minh Co., Ltd. attaches importance to quality management, boldly invests in new technologies, expands production, especially regularly pays attention to training and training human resources, promoting dynamism, creativity, solidarity, collective effort. The organizational structure of the company is arranged scientifically, compactly according to the specialty with a team of more than 100 officers, engineers, architects, bachelors of economics and high-tech workers, with extensive experience in many fields such as construction, bridges, roads, waterways, civil and industrial, irrigation, technical infrastructure, topographic geological survey, mineral processing. Promoting existing internal resources, along with the cooperation and help of state managers, partners and customers, is the strength for businesses to contribute to the strong development process of Van Don. Step by step exploiting untapped potentials, becoming a green, modern, smart island city, the most livable place in Asia-Pacific, but at the same time still having the right orientation and planning. to protect the rich beauty that nature has bestowed on the “jewel” in the sea of Vietnam.